Message From Devin

Since the day I brought Adorabelles into this world, I’ve taken every step possible to exude professionalism. Industry leaders said, “fake it ‘til you make it” and I did my best to make a very small operation look like a well-oiled, smooth-running machine. Although the main cog inside was wore down and on the verge of breaking, the outside of this thriving boutique business machine was always bright, colorful and pristine to the social media eye.

The fact that I’ve hustled to create such a beautiful image of success and “girl-boss-ism” for 5 years makes it HARD to now break that mindset and let you behind the scenes to see the not-so-prettiness. Today, I have to tear down those walls and be something I haven’t ever truly let myself be in a public way. I have to be REAL with you.

My momma always told me not to air my dirty laundry. However, she also told me that if I had to hide something, then I wasn’t doing the right thing. I always come to a fork in the road when my deeply ingrained “Joyce-isms” start battling against each other on the moral battlefield inside my mind. The winner of that month-long mental war I’ve had regarding how I’d deliver this news is that here in 2019, transparency is best. Also, my laundry isn’t dirty. It’s perfectly clean; it’s just been sitting in the dryer needing folded for a really, REALLY long time.

“It’s okay to not be okay.” That’s a saying we’ve been hearing more and more as the negative stigma around mental health has begun dissolving and people are becoming more comfortable being more transparent with each other about their feelings. But you know what isn’t “okay”? It isn’t “okay” to not be okay and continue to not do anything about it year after year. It isn’t okay to be downright miserable and feel like you’re not in control. It isn’t okay to work 90 hours a week. It isn’t okay to not have time to go visit my family. It isn’t okay to have to cancel on plans with my friends. It isn’t okay to use the excuse that “I’m drowning at work” to not be able to attend events I’m invited to. It isn’t okay to not be able to go on a vacation. It isn’t okay to not be able to walk my puppy because I don’t get home from work until midnight. It isn’t okay that my husband waits until 1 a.m. to eat dinner every night so that he can eat with me. It isn’t okay that I’m immensely blessed to have all four of my grandparents still alive and I don’t even have time to go visit with them, let alone call them on the phone. It isn’t okay that my mom had a stroke last year and I couldn’t take time off to go spend time with her during her recovery, nor the few years before that when she had breast cancer (Yeah, we’re putting Joyce in a bubble). I can go on and on with an entire novel’s worth of all the things that aren’t okay in my life right now but that wouldn’t be okay either. What I’m trying to explain is that things haven’t been okay for far too long and it isn’t okay that I haven’t been doing anything to change that until now.

In my nearly 30 years of being me, I’ve experienced no worse feeling than that of being “stuck”. I’ve prided myself on being someone who was independent, strong-willed and perseverant through any situation that came my way. I’ve claimed that I don’t take “no” for an answer and that I find a way to do the things I want to do. For 2 years now, that’s not who I’ve been or what I’ve been doing.

When I decided to start a clothing company, it was truly on a whim. If you’ve read the “Our Story” section on our website, you know that Adorabelles stemmed from the effort to make some extra money while planning my wedding. What happened was I accidentally loved it. I started out selling clothing, jewelry and shoes directly on Facebook for the first year and a half and then designed my own website. I loved everything about that hustle from taking photos of the clothes, making orders for people, going to the post office with my mound of pink packages and watching all of it grow. Once I completed grad school, I was really encouraged by the customer base to open a store. It was never my original goal or intention, but it felt like what the people wanted. Truly, I was terrified to do that. It’s a huge risk to move from operating online/having next to absolutely no overhead costs to paying a commercial lease, employees and maintaining a storefront. I felt like I had been playing catch out in the back yard with my dad and then the major leagues were calling me up. Those are two different worlds and I wasn’t sure I was ready.

If you’ve ever had a conversation with me in person, you know that I’m not good at it. I struggle to make eye contact. I often close my eyes altogether to avoid having to look the person I’m talking to (what even is that about?!). I blurt out things that don’t make sense. I trip over my words. Often times, I end up saying something that I never meant to say and either confuse people or sometimes even make them mad. I have a couple of strong suits, but I promise you that interpersonal communication is NOT one of them. How in the world was I going to open a store and TALK to people one-on-one every day?! How was I going to manage employees and have them respect me if I didn’t even know how to properly communicate? Opening a store was the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life, but you know what? I did it and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve never regretted it for one moment. This story isn’t about my decision to open that boutique. This story is about my decision to open another one.

When you’re young and you find unimaginable success that you never dreamed you’d find, you get (in my most southern voice possible) “too big for your britches.” Around year 2 of operating the Richmond store, I noticed people began to ask me where our second location was going to be. I had my hands full running the store I already had and had never even thought about opening another one. It was a thought that hadn’t entered my mind but with each encounter where someone asked me about it, it stayed with me more. Should we open another store? Where would we open another store? Who would run the second store? You know what question I didn’t take enough time to ask myself? Can I HANDLE having another store?

From the ages of 24 – 27, my husband and I went through an era of our lives that we reflect on quite often. We made a collection of hasty decisions that we’d probably go back and change if we could in both our personal lives and with the business. We didn’t think a lot of things through and much like anyone else in their 20’s, we learned A LOT.

One of the most important lessons my late 20’s brought me was that you CANNOT pour from an empty cup. You probably gathered that my cup has been bone-dry for quite some time.  All the non-okayness I described a few paragraphs back is the epitome of an “empty cup.” I am spread as thin as a human can possibly be spread to the point that I’ve become numb towards something that use to be my PASSION. I use to wake up every day excited to go to work; now I can barely wake up because I was up until 3 a.m. preparing for the next day. I could write another sob story of a section about how unhappy I am with my current state-of-being but let’s face it, nobody is RSVP-ing to my pity party (not even me).

I always, ALWAYS tell everyone around me to stop complaining about problems and start finding solutions. If I hear someone going on with negativity, I stop them and ask them how they’re going to fix it. Let’s be honest, I have been talking the talk but not walking the walk. I’ve known what I needed to do for over a year, but I’ve been stuck in a situation where I was worried about how both my incredible customers and amazingly loyal employees would think. I’ve been paralyzed by a mixture of the fear of breaking their hearts and the fear of a negative public perception. What will people say? Will people think I’m a failure? Will people stop shopping at my other store? Will the girls who work for me hate me? Will they think I don’t care about them? The worries that run through my mind all day and all night could fill an entire book. At some point, you have to worry about yourself the most. At some point, you have to put yourself first. I feel a chaotic combination of selfishness, disappointment, apologetic, worry, appreciative, terror and bravery, but above all else, I feel relieved.

Our decision to close our Georgetown store has been a very long soul-searching journey but, in the end, was the necessary choice for both the business, my family and myself. The Georgetown location opened its doors for the last time this past Thursday and will not be re-opening this coming week. We wanted to end on a subtle note and make this transition in the most professional way possible. After all, remaining professional has and will always be extraordinarily important to me.

I want to take a second to thank a LOT of people. I want to thank the amazing group of women who worked there and who will belong to the Adorabelles family, forever. I want to thank Kaye Hunt, who managed this store for 2 ½ years and undoubtedly made it her entire world. Most of all, I want to thank each and every one of you who loved and supported the Georgetown store. I understand that you’re probably upset, and I don’t blame you. I simply hope you can forgive me and hope that you can you understand why this is what I had to do.

The store in itself was not a failure. The store had its own amazing group of loyal customers that it’s killing me to disappoint. The store was a success. The store was profitable. A few days ago, this interesting thing was said to me and it’s probably true: “People will ask ‘if you were making money, why are you closing?’” To the people who may be thinking that same question, I think everything I’ve just told you will answer your question. What good is money if you have no time to spend it? What good is financial stability if you don’t have mental stability? Call me “crazy”, but money means nothing to me if it comes at the sacrifice of my happiness. That’s my answer to that question and I truly hope you all will pass it along for me.

So, what comes next? I PROMISE this story has a happy ending, or honestly, a happy beginning. In the midst of my empty cup and non-okayness, I have been keeping my head barely above water in the hustle to GROW Adorabelles and it’s definitely blooming. My first love for Adorabelles grew from my love of operating an online business and has skyrocketed this past year! The world is going full-speed in the direction of e-commerce and it’s going to take a strong team to maintain the rising success we’re currently experiencing. It’s a ride that I’m excited to be on and excited to finally have Kaye be a part of.

In regard to the Richmond store, it’s not going anywhere. The Richmond store is my actual child. I have put my soul into making it a success and it’s truly the only place in the world that feels like home. Running a store use to feel like an impossible feat that I’d never be able to do, but now I know it was what I was MEANT to do. We will continue to serve you all with the absolute best customer service, affordable clothing and all-around great atmosphere to shop in, because I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you took the time to read this until the end, you’re exact the kind of person I wrote this for, and I appreciate you with all my heart. I always end my ramblings with the salutation “Colorfully Yours, Devin” but I haven’t felt “colorfully” anything at all in quite some time.

Here’s to taking control of my life, refilling my cup, spending more time with my family, having more hours to love on my puppy, making traveling a priority, maybe having time for hobbies (gasp!) and hopefully being on the road to being “Colorfully Yours” once again, very soon.


Trending + Transitional: The Denim Jacket

♫ “Oh my gosh, they’re back again!”♫ (Backstreet Boys’ voice)

That’s right; the retro denim jacket is making a huge comeback for Fall 2017 and I personally couldn’t be more excited. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’ve been saving mine from the 8th grade in the back of my closet for a rainy day and I’m so thankful that fashion has made it’s way back around once again. If you didn’t gaze into your crystal ball 10 years ago to predict the fashion future, no worries; we’ve got you covered! 

While our boutiques will be stocking several styles of denim jackets throughout the season, this first one, in particular, is a classic choice that fits almost everyone’s style! The dark denim shade and cropped length allows you to mix and match with an endless amount of looks, adding that little bit of extra detail you’ve been looking for! Let’s not forget that it’s also a stylish way to keep yourself warm during these transitional months where the temperatures begin to drop (oh thank Heavens, I’m melting!). 

  1. Sweet & Sassy
    If you have a closet full of fun summer dresses that you aren’t quite ready to let go of, this is the perfect look for you. You can still wear your sleeveless and lightweight pieces underneath your jacket and look just as cute! Consider transitioning your shoes from sandals to a casual bootie. Open-toed booties are making their way onto the Fall scene in a HUGE way and are perfect for those of you who aren’t yet prepared to bid your ruby red toes “farewell”. 
    (Shelby’s strappy booties can be found HERE.)
  2. Casual & Comfy
    Did someone say “comfy”?? I’m already all about it.
    If you’d rather hear nails on a chalkboard than be forced to wear a dress, don’t worry; you’re not alone. The good news is that your new BFF (the denim jacket) is here to help you dress up your t-shirt and jeans! Whether you’re a “graphic tee” kind of girl or you keep it simple and solid, adding a little denim to the mix is going to take it to a new style level and keep you from being too basic. 
    And if you’re wondering if you can wear your white jeans in the Fall, you’re already worrying too much. Girl, you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT. The fashion rules your grandmother use to follow have been thrown out the window, landed on the pavement and driven over by 893 monster trucks. I’ll be wearing mine and I invite all of you to join me!** P.S. The booties that Jamie is modeling here are by far the most comfortable booties in all the land. You should get yourself a pair immediately. Here’s the link!
  3. Pops & Prints
    Everyone already knows how much I love color and patterns! I rarely keep it neutral and need all the business going on all the time. If you like to stand out and make a statement while keeping it comfortable, this is a definite look for you. Denim can be paired with bright colors and prints while adding to the look instead of making it too much to handle.
    Make the transition from a crazy day at work to the hometown football game in your favorite t-shirt dress! Simply change from dressy shoes to comfy sneakers and throw on your jacket for a layered look that will keep your warm when it gets chilly on those bleachers. You’ll be the coolest Mom in town, no contest. 

    (Don’t forget to fill your leopard bag full of dollars because, let’s not kid ourselves, the concession stand is the best part of any athletic event.)
    (Shelby’s leopard purse can be found on sale HERE.)
  4. Edgy & Extra
    Casual is great and everything, but what about when you’re headed downtown on the weekend with all your girls? Fall temperatures drop drastically when the sun goes down, we know this. I’m not out here trying to freeze my booty off and I’m also not out here trying to wear a North Face jacket over my perfectly styled outfit. The Incredible Denim Jacket! is here to save the day! (Marvel is trying to buy the rights but I won’t let them.) 
    You’ll still be 10 kinds of fabulous and 100 kinds of extra, you just won’t have frostbite. You can thank us later!  jacket4e
    (Jamie’s fun little tassel bag can be found HERE.)

Whether you’re all about keeping it casual or all about looking like a fashion blogger, the denim jacket trend is all about helping you with all of it! We’d love to know which look is your favorite. Leave us some feedback below about which style you can’t wait to rock this Fall! 


Adorabelle of the Month – May 2017

Our new Georgetown boutique provides a unique shopping experience that truly cannot be matched. I’m allowed to brag about it because I spend most of my time at the Richmond location and definitely am not claiming any of the glory for myself! I have received email after email, review after review and rave after rave, all praising the service of the Georgetown girls. It’s really important to us to create personal relationships with our customers and our GT staff takes that above and beyond. When we began talking about the AOTM program, they were absolutely adamant that this month’s recipient be the next customer chosen!
From our very first month, Ginger has been a friendly face we’ve come to know and love! As soon as she walks through the door, the girls begin picking out things they know she’ll enjoy and have fun with. It’s so special when you bond with a customer in a way where you know their exact style and preferences. We were nervous when we opened a store in a town where we only knew our landlord, but sweet souls like Ginger have made us feel so welcome and a part of a brand new community. For all of these reasons, Ginger Saker is our May Adorabelle of the Month!

As our April 2017 “AofM”, Ginger gets 15% off all her purchases for the month and a full rewards card (which is $10 towards a purchase)!

More About Ginger:

• A hometown Georgetown girl through and through, Ginger takes a vested interest in the community and loves watching the downtown area grow. She has 3 children and enjoys spending time together, especially on family vacations to Destin, FL!

• Fun Fact: Her father was adopted and recently was able to reconnect with his birth family! (Such a cool story!)

• She’d describe her personal style as colorful! Being a 6th grade Language Arts teacher, she tries to stay trendy! She absolutely loves to accessorize and her friends bring her shopping so she can match up outfits and accessories for them!

• Her favorite thing about shopping at Adorabelles is the personal service she gets. She loves how they help her match up jewelry and shoes, putting together an entire look all in one place! She loves that there’s something for everyone of all ages so it’s a great place to shop with a group of people.
Ginger also really likes that the girls tell her the truth about how things look. They always let her know which style looks the best and keep it honest! She always knows they’re being genuine with their feedback!


Adorabelle of the Month – April 2017

They say “it’s never too late” and I am SO glad because I’m always at least a little bit late! One of my goals for 2017 for Adorabelles was to start treating our customers for their loyalty and business. We’ve got a few things in the works, including our up and coming “Birthday Club”, and are now rolling out our “Adorabelle of the Month” initiative!

When we decided to start nominating customers for this, a lot of things were unclear at the beginning. What should their rewards be? How should we announce it? There was one thing that we never questioned for one minute: who she would be.


Morgan is a frequent shopper at our Richmond location but she goes so far beyond just being an amazing customer. Whether it’s an inspirational tweet to brighten our day (see a few below) or tagging us in her Instagram posts when she wears her outfits, Morgan is our biggest cheerleader and we couldn’t be more grateful or think of anyone more deserving of being our FIRST “Adorabelle of the Month.”


As our April 2017 “AofM”, Morgan gets 15% off all her purchases for the month and a full rewards card (which is $10 towards a purchase)!

More about Morgan:

  • She works with the EKU Athletic Department as the Assistant Director of Athletic Communications, handling public relations between the athletes and the media. She will graduate in May with a degree in Sports Management.
  • Fun Fact: Morgan sang competitively in choir and individually all through high school which led to her getting to perform in Haiti and at Carnegie Hall in New York City!
  • She absolutely LOVES olive and burnt orange so she feels herself wearing those colors most!
  • Her favorite part about shopping at Adorabelles is how friendly the employees are and she loves that we stand for building confidence in women!

Adorabelles ♥ EKU

After almost 2 years in business at our original Richmond location, there’s no question that we have a strong relationship with our community. Equally as important, we have an awesome relationship with Eastern Kentucky University. Less than a mile away, our store is wonderfully located within walking distance of campus and has become a go-to location for students. While we work incredibly hard to provide amazing customer service and the perfect styles that our customers are looking for, we cannot deny the impact that the University has played in our brick and mortar success.

A huge reason it has become possible for us to promote Adorabelles directly to students can be credited to the efforts of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce in developing a connection between local businesses and EKU students. Both years we have been in business, the Chamber has hosted the campus event “City Fest,” where businesses are invited to set up vendor booths, pass out information/offers and introduce students to their services for an evening. This event has been taking place for 13 years and is not only fun but a tremendous tool in reaching a large number of students. City Fest helps us expose our brand in a big way to one of our target audiences!

Chamber President Mendi Goble believes, “it is imperative for EKU to buy into the business community in Richmond,” and works to maintain a great partnership with the college. Although the city has not always worked in harmony with EKU, Mendi credits the newly established working relationship to President Michael Benson. “For years it seemed there was a moat around EKU and they basically worked in a vacuum.  Since President Benson has come on board I feel as though he has tried to change all of that.  At the same time, the Chamber has reached out in a new way to include EKU.  We now have a great partnership!”


EKU has made it a priority to work hand-in-hand with local businesses and this initiative continues to be mutually beneficial for both the school and commerce in Richmond. We definitely benefit from the business of students/faculty, which renews itself each year, gaining a new freshmen class and an ever-growing student body. We also benefit from the allowance of EKU to use their campus for promotion. Each year, we visit EKU on the first day of Fall classes and give out treats and discounts to students/faculty to provide a positive way to start out their semester and introduce them to what Adorabelles is all about!


We were most impressed with the University at the beginning of the semester when exposing students to downtown businesses became part of the freshmen orientation week experience. This was the inaugural year for “Colonels Take Downtown” and we hope not the last. As in introduction to both campus and Richmond, EKU brought the majority of the freshmen class downtown to explore the local businesses and restaurants. The importance of this event was not only apparent in the large influx of business during those couple hours, but the long-lasting impact on growing and retaining customer bases for downtown businesses. Restaurants like Café Meeples and Artisan Hot Dogs were full of students who otherwise may have not known their location, hours or what they had to offer.  For Adorabelles, it meant attracting new students who now know there is a boutique offering the latest styles (and affordably) within walking distance of campus. Events like Colonels Take Downtown provide one more valuable resource in the never-ending effort of attracting clientele.

We have learned that this is a special exception and consider ourselves quite lucky to have the University as an awesome outlet to promote our brand. Other cities with universities or colleges do not have the same working relationship that is ongoing between Richmond and EKU. In Adorabelles’ efforts to expand, we’ve come to realize that. It is important for students to be provided with opportunities to learn as much as they can about local business and to see that they can get quality products or services from the small businesses of Richmond. Eastern Kentucky University and the Chamber of Commerce have encouraged these endeavors and worked to provide a seamless experience when possible.

While the positive relationship between EKU and local business is, of course, an incredible resource for businesses, it’s useful to the University in several ways as well. Students are better able to find jobs both during and after graduation because they know more about companies in the community. They also benefit from student discounts and promotions put forth by local businesses who are glad to attract and reward business from students. When student organizations/athletics are in need of sponsorship or donations, businesses are more willing to contribute funds and/or products to support the cause. Last and certainly not least, the University is a more fun and exciting destination to attend college because students know about all of the things to do in the community such as where to shop, eat and seek entertainment.

All in all, we are thankful for the huge, positive impact that Eastern Kentucky University has on our business and look forward to growing our relationship in the future. It’s awesome that EKU is not limited to the 892 acres that it sits on in central Richmond, but the entire city serves as one big happy campus.


EKU Recruitment Outfit Guide

We know you’ve had too much fun soaking up the sun all Summer long, but I’ve got some bad news… it’s time to go back to school! Whether you’re a returning upperclassman or a brand new freshman, the Fall semester is waiting for you! While it may be daunting that endless piles of homework and excruciating exams are headed your way, there are a few fun things to look forward to this semester, one of them being Fall Sorority Recruitment!

Eastern Kentucky University, where our original boutique is located, has a large Greek community and as a local boutique, we get tons of girls who come in seeking help with putting together outfits for recruitment. For new PNM’s (potential new members), this can be a nervous time mixed with lots of emotions while trying to decide not only if you want to “go Greek,” but also trying to figure out what in the world you’re going to wear to fit each day’s guidelines! Your outfit will always be the first impression you make, we’re here to help you make it a cute one!

While there are some rules about what types of outfits you need to wear each day, we think it’s SO incredibly important that you be true to yourself in the way that you dress. We’ve gathered up some awesome ladies from various chapters at EKU to share some advice from what they’ve learned during their own personal experiences going through recruitment, being on the inside of recruitment as a Greek member and fashion advice on what they’d wear if they were to do it again!

Day 1 & Day 2: Open House

For the first two nights of recruitment, the dress code is very casual! Panhellenic will give you an assigned t-shirt and you get your own choice of bottoms. Your t-shirt will be a comfy navy tank with pink Greek themed graphics, so it will be super easy to match your favorite shorts/skirt with! Even though everyone will look somewhat similar, don’t be afraid to show your personality with the pieces you choose. If you’re the kind of girl who loves color, go with something bright and eye-catching. If you have more of a relaxed style, don’t be afraid to wear your tank with your distressed denim jeans. Your personal style says so much about your personality; get out there and show it!


Karlee (who may just be the most fun little person I’ve ever met) chose to be bright! She wore our neon coral scalloped shorts and added a little sparkle to her plain white tee with a cute necklace. She kept it comfy and casual with cute white sneakers to complete the outfit.


How can your outfit express your personality during the first two nights of recruitment?

On the first night, getting ready is supposed to be easy because all we have to do is choose something to wear with the assigned t-shirt! But this doesn’t mean you can’t express your own style and personality. If you are a jeans and tee kind of girl, go for it! If you are like me and love colored shorts and a fun necklace, go for it! Just choosing part of the outfit can tell a lot about your style and your personality. Your first night is the night you get to make a first impression on all the chapters, pairing your t-shirt with your favorite shorts can help make you feel more confident in what you are comfortable in but at the same time allows you to express your own style.



Lexie chose some of our absolute favorite Lauren James seersucker bow shorts! She paired them with a simple pastel statement necklace and casual gladiator sandals to finish her look.

b2megh (1 of 8)

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing while you were going through recruitment, what would it be?

I would tell myself to be opened minded. Before recruitment, you hear all of these things about certain chapters but I think you should always try things out before you give up. All together, be open minded about all of the chapters. Don’t focus on just one because, you never know, that one sorority may not be where you see yourself at first but may up end up being your home!

Day 3: Philanthropy Day

Philanthropy day is where you really get to show your style! The dress level is casual but the style is all about you! The guide encourages you to wear sneakers or casual shoes but this doesn’t mean you can’t still look fabulous in your favorite dress! 2016 is all about mixing and matching your favorite Converse or Keds with cute, casual dresses; you’re in luck! If you’re not about the sneakers, it’s okay! Try some gladiator sandals or fun flats to keep it casual but still look great. We love how all of these ladies paired their comfy shoes with adorable dresses!

Hannah is as classy as can be in this printed shift dress! She added a little shine with stackable bracelets and baubles. She matched flat gold sandals to keep it casual yet cute!

b3hannahv (3 of 8)

Why is it in important to have a “Philanthropy Day” during recruitment?

It is important to have a Philanthropy Day because you really get to know about a chapter and what their values are. One of the philanthropies I support is PCAA, Prevent Child Abuse America. This is an organization that provides support to families and children who have been exposed to abuse or neglect. Sororities look for girls who are willing to give back and who enjoy supporting their philanthropy. We are looking for girls who are willing to help make a difference in someone else’s life.



Paige loves to be unique and stands out in all the right ways in this adorable romper. (Don’t be afraid to wear rompers, it’s totally okay!) She wore her flat sandals and greek bangles to finish her outfit.

b5paige (3 of 4)

What advice would you give to this year’s PNM’s?

My biggest piece of advice for someone going through recruitment is to be confident! This process is all about you finding your home. Be bold enough to ask about the values that are most important to you and find where you feel most comfortable. Going through recruitment can be a confusing experience, but in the end you will find a group of girls who will be with you for the rest of your life! 



Paige looks perfect in this striped t-shirt dress and is undoubtedly as comfortable as can be! You can always add a little color to an outfit with a bright jewelry and we’re loving how she picked a royal blue tassel necklace that pops off her dress. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without her go-to Converse.

b7paigef (3 of 8)

What would you tell someone who was on the fence about “going Greek”?

I would tell anyone that was on the fence to “just do it!” Going through rush is a great way to meet new people on campus even if you don’t join a chapter. You’ll meet so many people, not only in your gamma chi groups, but also in each chapter!



Megan loves to have fun and just pops in this bold blue tank dress! Her cream tassel necklace adds the perfect statement to her look. Her Chucks are the perfect addition to this comfy and casual outfit!


What role has your sorority played in your life?

My sorority plays the role of my second family and home away from home. When you join a sorority you not only make new friends, but you get sisters. No matter what life throws at you, both good and bad, you will always have those girls there for you to support you through it all. I couldn’t have asked for anything more than the roles that each and every one of them play in my life! 

Day 4: Preference

While we’ve been all about keeping it casual for the previous recruitment days, the Preference round is where you REALLY want to look as fabulous as can be! EKU Panhellenic suggest cocktail dresses and heels! Seeing as you are probably 17-19 years old, you’ve probably not been to a cocktail party yet, so let’s break down what this means. We suggest wearing a nice dress that you might wear to a wedding or formal event. Choose something that you feel confident and classy in! (It might be best to avoid low cutting necklines and extremely short hemlines.) You’ve been invited to a special event by the chapter and you want to dress to impress!


Hannah absolutely steals the show in this little black dress. With fun sleeve details and a flattering fit, she looks the part of a classy lady. She paired her dress with her favorite fringe heels and simple jewelry that doesn’t take away from her outfit but compliments perfectly.


How has being the president of your chapter impacted you?

Being the president of my sorority has helped mold me into the leader I am today. Without the support of my sisters I would not be in the position I am today. I have learned patience, strength, and most importantly, kindness. Each sister means so much to me and I would do anything for them. 



Madi shines bright like a diamond in this fun, shimmery dress! Her necklace is a stunning statement piece that is a great match for this look. She paired it with tan wedges and stackable bracelets. During Preference, Madi wanted to make sure to sparkle!

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What advice would you give to this year’s PNM’s?

Some advice that I would give for this year’s PNM’s would be to choose to go where you feel at most home. Do not be nervous, just go where your heart tells you. As cheesy as the saying “you find your home” is, it is so true. Just make sure to go where you feel the most comfortable. Greek life has been such an amazing experience for me; I am so excited for you all to find where you belong and start this new chapter in your lives! Also, always stay classy and always wear a smile; its the most important accessory!



Brianna looks amazing in dark colors and this hunter green scalloped dress was a the perfect choice! This unique shade is oh-so elegant and perfect for the Preference round, which has historically been about wearing darker colors. (Although you can wear whatever color/print you’d like now!)


What would you say is a fashion “don’t” when it comes to recruitment?

The biggest fashion “don’t” I would tell to the ladies going through recruitment is not wear something that you wouldn’t wear in every day life. Wearing something that is not “you” is the biggest fashion tragedy. Being comfortable during recruitment is important. Always be yourself and allow your outfit to reflect that.  No one can be a better you than you!



Kristen chose to be original and step outside of the box! Look how incredible she looks in this simple print that stands out among the rest! She dressed up her look with cream wedges and a bold statement necklace that catches every eye!

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Why is it important to be dressy during the Preference round?

Preference round is the most serious round of recruitment. This day is critical because it is the last time you will talk to your last two chapters before deciding the best fit for you! Unlike previous nights, this is more of an intimate party. This is also a time for you to express yourself with a dressy outfit that fits your style. On preference night, most woman think that they have to wear white or black, but this night is all about you! I mixed it up with the outfit I chose to show you don’t have to wear a solid neutral color; you can make it however  you want it to look! This is the last impression you will make and the last moment you have with the chapters; have fun with your outfit and most importantly, be yourself!


We hope that this awesome advice from girls who have been in your shoes is exactly what you needed to prep for the upcoming recruitment! While it can be stressful, the most important thing is to have fun and be true to yourself when choosing what to wear!

I want to say an extra special “thank you!” to all of the sweet girls who took the time to participate in this project and donate their time/efforts! I had so much fun getting to know each of you a little better and you are all beautiful inside and out!





The first half of 2016 has been a whirlwind for Adorabelles! We tackled the exciting feat of opening our second boutique which has been a crazy mixture of hard work, planning, perseverance and organization. I typically have the work + perseverance part down pat; it’s the planning + organization that gives my scattered self some issues. All in all, opening our second location was 100 times smoother than our first and gives me minimal anxiety and maximum hope for potentially opening a third somewhere down the line!

{Hold your horses; that will be a while!}

We made the goal to expand to other parts of Kentucky late 2015 and started pursuing it seriously at the beginning of this year. We had so much luck in Richmond and absolutely love the small college town vibe. We began brainstorming on other locations similar and after bouncing between a few, landed on Georgetown. Scott Co. is the fastest growing county in the state and with a small private college, beautiful downtown district and close proximity to Lexington, it just made sense! We quickly started the hunt for a historical building similar to that of our Richmond store front and had no trouble landing on the perfect site right on Main St. Downtown Georgetown is a vivacious area with adorable little shops lining its streets and delicious family owned restaurants on each corner of our block. I was instantly attracted to their colorful architecture, street/sidewalk upkeep and general friendly feel all around. We knew our bubbly and colorful business would fit in perfectly!


Working with an awesome landlord with a strong background in historical building renovation and property management, our location came to life exactly how we imagined it would. Despite some minor set backs and a slightly later opening date than we originally planned for, the store opened on June 25th on a sunny Summer day. Buzzing customers lined the block to await entrance and it was an incredibly exciting event! We could not believe how many of you showed up!!

Our Georgetown store manager, Kaye Hunt (pictured below), has worked exceedingly hard to build a relationship with the locals and get to know the customer base along with their fashion wants/needs. She’s the #1 reason why this store has been a success and we’re so thankful for all of her hard work!

She also loves when you bring your puppies by to visit. 😉

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One crucial thing we learned during this store opening is that we are not those cool, hip people who know how to adequately pop a bottle of champagne. We failed PRETTY hard.

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Thank you to all of our friends, family and amazing customers who came out to celebrate this exciting new chapter in the tale of Adorabelles! And an extra big thank you to our team (insert flexing arm muscle emoji here) for making it happen!

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 A extra huge shout out goes to Meg Angel Film & Photo for making the trip to Georgetown and so perfectly capturing this fun day for us! All of these amazing candids are her work!  Make sure to head over to Instagram and follow her! (@megangelphoto)