The first half of 2016 has been a whirlwind for Adorabelles! We tackled the exciting feat of opening our second boutique which has been a crazy mixture of hard work, planning, perseverance and organization. I typically have the work + perseverance part down pat; it’s the planning + organization that gives my scattered self some issues. All in all, opening our second location was 100 times smoother than our first and gives me minimal anxiety and maximum hope for potentially opening a third somewhere down the line!

{Hold your horses; that will be a while!}

We made the goal to expand to other parts of Kentucky late 2015 and started pursuing it seriously at the beginning of this year. We had so much luck in Richmond and absolutely love the small college town vibe. We began brainstorming on other locations similar and after bouncing between a few, landed on Georgetown. Scott Co. is the fastest growing county in the state and with a small private college, beautiful downtown district and close proximity to Lexington, it just made sense! We quickly started the hunt for a historical building similar to that of our Richmond store front and had no trouble landing on the perfect site right on Main St. Downtown Georgetown is a vivacious area with adorable little shops lining its streets and delicious family owned restaurants on each corner of our block. I was instantly attracted to their colorful architecture, street/sidewalk upkeep and general friendly feel all around. We knew our bubbly and colorful business would fit in perfectly!


Working with an awesome landlord with a strong background in historical building renovation and property management, our location came to life exactly how we imagined it would. Despite some minor set backs and a slightly later opening date than we originally planned for, the store opened on June 25th on a sunny Summer day. Buzzing customers lined the block to await entrance and it was an incredibly exciting event! We could not believe how many of you showed up!!

Our Georgetown store manager, Kaye Hunt (pictured below), has worked exceedingly hard to build a relationship with the locals and get to know the customer base along with their fashion wants/needs. She’s the #1 reason why this store has been a success and we’re so thankful for all of her hard work!

She also loves when you bring your puppies by to visit. 😉

PicMonkey Collage2

One crucial thing we learned during this store opening is that we are not those cool, hip people who know how to adequately pop a bottle of champagne. We failed PRETTY hard.

PicMonkey Collage

Thank you to all of our friends, family and amazing customers who came out to celebrate this exciting new chapter in the tale of Adorabelles! And an extra big thank you to our team (insert flexing arm muscle emoji here) for making it happen!

AdorabellesGT-32AdorabellesGT-38AdorabellesGT-130 (1)AdorabellesGT-239AdorabellesGT-261



 A extra huge shout out goes to Meg Angel Film & Photo for making the trip to Georgetown and so perfectly capturing this fun day for us! All of these amazing candids are her work!  Make sure to head over to Instagram and follow her! (@megangelphoto)



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