Adorabelle of the Month – April 2017

They say “it’s never too late” and I am SO glad because I’m always at least a little bit late! One of my goals for 2017 for Adorabelles was to start treating our customers for their loyalty and business. We’ve got a few things in the works, including our up and coming “Birthday Club”, and are now rolling out our “Adorabelle of the Month” initiative!

When we decided to start nominating customers for this, a lot of things were unclear at the beginning. What should their rewards be? How should we announce it? There was one thing that we never questioned for one minute: who she would be.


Morgan is a frequent shopper at our Richmond location but she goes so far beyond just being an amazing customer. Whether it’s an inspirational tweet to brighten our day (see a few below) or tagging us in her Instagram posts when she wears her outfits, Morgan is our biggest cheerleader and we couldn’t be more grateful or think of anyone more deserving of being our FIRST “Adorabelle of the Month.”


As our April 2017 “AofM”, Morgan gets 15% off all her purchases for the month and a full rewards card (which is $10 towards a purchase)!

More about Morgan:

  • She works with the EKU Athletic Department as the Assistant Director of Athletic Communications, handling public relations between the athletes and the media. She will graduate in May with a degree in Sports Management.
  • Fun Fact: Morgan sang competitively in choir and individually all through high school which led to her getting to perform in Haiti and at Carnegie Hall in New York City!
  • She absolutely LOVES olive and burnt orange so she feels herself wearing those colors most!
  • Her favorite part about shopping at Adorabelles is how friendly the employees are and she loves that we stand for building confidence in women!

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