Adorabelle of the Month – May 2017

Our new Georgetown boutique provides a unique shopping experience that truly cannot be matched. I’m allowed to brag about it because I spend most of my time at the Richmond location and definitely am not claiming any of the glory for myself! I have received email after email, review after review and rave after rave, all praising the service of the Georgetown girls. It’s really important to us to create personal relationships with our customers and our GT staff takes that above and beyond. When we began talking about the AOTM program, they were absolutely adamant that this month’s recipient be the next customer chosen!
From our very first month, Ginger has been a friendly face we’ve come to know and love! As soon as she walks through the door, the girls begin picking out things they know she’ll enjoy and have fun with. It’s so special when you bond with a customer in a way where you know their exact style and preferences. We were nervous when we opened a store in a town where we only knew our landlord, but sweet souls like Ginger have made us feel so welcome and a part of a brand new community. For all of these reasons, Ginger Saker is our May Adorabelle of the Month!

As our April 2017 “AofM”, Ginger gets 15% off all her purchases for the month and a full rewards card (which is $10 towards a purchase)!

More About Ginger:

• A hometown Georgetown girl through and through, Ginger takes a vested interest in the community and loves watching the downtown area grow. She has 3 children and enjoys spending time together, especially on family vacations to Destin, FL!

• Fun Fact: Her father was adopted and recently was able to reconnect with his birth family! (Such a cool story!)

• She’d describe her personal style as colorful! Being a 6th grade Language Arts teacher, she tries to stay trendy! She absolutely loves to accessorize and her friends bring her shopping so she can match up outfits and accessories for them!

• Her favorite thing about shopping at Adorabelles is the personal service she gets. She loves how they help her match up jewelry and shoes, putting together an entire look all in one place! She loves that there’s something for everyone of all ages so it’s a great place to shop with a group of people.
Ginger also really likes that the girls tell her the truth about how things look. They always let her know which style looks the best and keep it honest! She always knows they’re being genuine with their feedback!



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