Trending + Transitional: The Denim Jacket

♫ “Oh my gosh, they’re back again!”♫ (Backstreet Boys’ voice)

That’s right; the retro denim jacket is making a huge comeback for Fall 2017 and I personally couldn’t be more excited. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’ve been saving mine from the 8th grade in the back of my closet for a rainy day and I’m so thankful that fashion has made it’s way back around once again. If you didn’t gaze into your crystal ball 10 years ago to predict the fashion future, no worries; we’ve got you covered! 

While our boutiques will be stocking several styles of denim jackets throughout the season, this first one, in particular, is a classic choice that fits almost everyone’s style! The dark denim shade and cropped length allows you to mix and match with an endless amount of looks, adding that little bit of extra detail you’ve been looking for! Let’s not forget that it’s also a stylish way to keep yourself warm during these transitional months where the temperatures begin to drop (oh thank Heavens, I’m melting!). 

  1. Sweet & Sassy
    If you have a closet full of fun summer dresses that you aren’t quite ready to let go of, this is the perfect look for you. You can still wear your sleeveless and lightweight pieces underneath your jacket and look just as cute! Consider transitioning your shoes from sandals to a casual bootie. Open-toed booties are making their way onto the Fall scene in a HUGE way and are perfect for those of you who aren’t yet prepared to bid your ruby red toes “farewell”. 
    (Shelby’s strappy booties can be found HERE.)
  2. Casual & Comfy
    Did someone say “comfy”?? I’m already all about it.
    If you’d rather hear nails on a chalkboard than be forced to wear a dress, don’t worry; you’re not alone. The good news is that your new BFF (the denim jacket) is here to help you dress up your t-shirt and jeans! Whether you’re a “graphic tee” kind of girl or you keep it simple and solid, adding a little denim to the mix is going to take it to a new style level and keep you from being too basic. 
    And if you’re wondering if you can wear your white jeans in the Fall, you’re already worrying too much. Girl, you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT. The fashion rules your grandmother use to follow have been thrown out the window, landed on the pavement and driven over by 893 monster trucks. I’ll be wearing mine and I invite all of you to join me!** P.S. The booties that Jamie is modeling here are by far the most comfortable booties in all the land. You should get yourself a pair immediately. Here’s the link!
  3. Pops & Prints
    Everyone already knows how much I love color and patterns! I rarely keep it neutral and need all the business going on all the time. If you like to stand out and make a statement while keeping it comfortable, this is a definite look for you. Denim can be paired with bright colors and prints while adding to the look instead of making it too much to handle.
    Make the transition from a crazy day at work to the hometown football game in your favorite t-shirt dress! Simply change from dressy shoes to comfy sneakers and throw on your jacket for a layered look that will keep your warm when it gets chilly on those bleachers. You’ll be the coolest Mom in town, no contest. 

    (Don’t forget to fill your leopard bag full of dollars because, let’s not kid ourselves, the concession stand is the best part of any athletic event.)
    (Shelby’s leopard purse can be found on sale HERE.)
  4. Edgy & Extra
    Casual is great and everything, but what about when you’re headed downtown on the weekend with all your girls? Fall temperatures drop drastically when the sun goes down, we know this. I’m not out here trying to freeze my booty off and I’m also not out here trying to wear a North Face jacket over my perfectly styled outfit. The Incredible Denim Jacket! is here to save the day! (Marvel is trying to buy the rights but I won’t let them.) 
    You’ll still be 10 kinds of fabulous and 100 kinds of extra, you just won’t have frostbite. You can thank us later!  jacket4e
    (Jamie’s fun little tassel bag can be found HERE.)

Whether you’re all about keeping it casual or all about looking like a fashion blogger, the denim jacket trend is all about helping you with all of it! We’d love to know which look is your favorite. Leave us some feedback below about which style you can’t wait to rock this Fall! 



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